LAFKON / Research + Development


LAFKON's research focus is pointed towards the practise-based development and application of custom design tools. At the moment this covers the making, customisation and evaluation of software frameworks and tool chains for graphic design, by all means necessary, both for fun and profit.

Explore and Shape

Things may not only be made prettier but different. Opposed to a common sense, design is not necessarily reducable to the styling of a surface, polishing what's already there. We have a strong interest in developing things that fit, from the root to the fruit. This approach has led to a consequent investigation in the application and use of disclosed technologies as well as in visual form.

F/L/OS Software, mainly GNU/Linux and its diverse supply of software packages, offers the basis for the development of tailored solutions, each serving specific idea and needs. While 97% in the design world found themselves right for the 5 applications inside Adobe's Creative Suite, we decided to look for ways not to stay satisfied with the current status quo in the common production cycles.

Why? Software does not only have a strong influence on the working method, but also on the result. Therefore we regard it as highly productive to deal with the path before the destination. LAFKON's research is interested in the dynamic of diverse tools connected by sustainable interfaces, not an environment of proprietary monopolies where everything is already established. This perception is the basis for experimental design solutions, for the making as well as for the result.

Finding and building interfaces

We design the process, that makes a product, not the product. Because our working method deals with processes and programmable systems, we have developed a strong interest for processes and programmable systems in general. This focus prohibits the limitation to a specific product, medium, genre or surface. There can be all kinds of manifestations of processes, may it be a poster, an animation, a user interface, an exhibtion design, or a process again.

Our development is a lot concerned with finding and building interfaces. Interfaces to software, data, information, users. Interfaces that are designed in a way that makes them remain re-configurable to function in ways not necessarily facilitated by the owner, administrator, or designer.* We enjoy exploring the details of programmable systems and stretching their capabilities,* instead of learning the minimum necessary. This raises also the bar for our own design practise. We try to design systems, that are re-configurable to function in ways not necessarily facilitated by us.

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