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Der offene Schaltkreis

Der offene Schaltkreis is a project by Martin Rumori, Franziska Windisch, Ludwig Zeller and Christoph Haag.

A silent labyrinth created out of open copper trails on the floor carries the electrical signals of a multichannel sound repository. By putting wireless speaker-cylinders on them, the carried sound layers can become audible and the interpretation by the visitors gets possible. The "Offener Schaltkreis" reacts depending on the manner in which the speakers are used: If nothing is moved, the sounds stay calm and soft, but as soon as a single cylinder is placed elsewhere, the sounds of all speakers intensify simultaneously. This results in a dynamic relation between silence and noise, which is influenced by the visitors.

The development during different versions included site-specific hardware and software setups realised with GNU/Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, puredyne), PureData, SuperCollider. It was made possible with the support of Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln and the Klanglabor.

Der offene Schaltkreis was build at:
Lange Nacht der Museen(Köln 2006)
make art 2007(Poitiers 2007)
Fun with Software(Bristol 2010)
Funware(Eindhoven 2010)
cloudsounds(Amsterdam 2011)
FILE GAMES RIO 2011(Rio de Janeiro 2011)

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